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A Studio Divided

By September 4, 2015 No Comments

Since our team comes to Austin from a diverse range of geographic origins, it’s not often we find ourselves locked in a head-to-head battle when it comes to college football supremacy. However, this year we find ourselves not only with a battle of rooting interests, but also one of the premier slots in college football’s inaugural weekend. As such, we are left with no course of action other than to make a very public bet with debatably high stakes that can only be enforced due to the very public nature of this blog post.

In the spirit of fairness, we will be using the spread to set the table for our kick off wager. On one side, we have Alabama native and Director of Client Services + Strategy Shelley Brand giving 10.5 points and supporting our proverbial goliath, the Alabama Crimson Tide. On the other side, Creative Director and cheese enthusiast by birthright, Craig Lennie, is representing the University of Wisconsin Badgers in their attempt to pull up one of the bigger opening weekend upsets in recent memory.

The Bet:
Shelley & The Tide -10.5 over Craig & The Badgers

The Stakes:
Loser must fly the winning team’s car flag AT ALL TIMES, IN WHATEVER CAR THEY ARE DRIVING OR RIDING IN for one month. Failure to do so will add 1 day to the length of the flag flying penalty.

Only time will tell if we can come together as an agency in the wake of this internal donnybrook to mend our broken ties. But one thing we can all look forward to is the coming month of public humiliation that will soar majestically above the loser wherever they go.