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Active Austin

By August 27, 2015 No Comments

We’re football fans here at CT. We’re also passionate design and brand fans. With the new season kicking off in just a few short weeks, we put together a little showcase for Active Austin, an internal project that combines our weekday and weekend passions into a celebration of Austin, football, design and branding.


For round one of Active Austin, we settled on posters and a set of photographic assets each designer had to incorporate into their design. The result, three very different concepts and styles – one dark, minimal and full of swagger, one a bright, energetic and playful approach to the gridiron, and the third, a glitchy, abstract statement on a sport whose season never truly ends.





In addition to the poster concepts, we also created a logo for the project, merging the A’s with a plus sign to create a strong, dynamic mark.




Altogether, a fun challenge for the team and opportunity to stretch our design and concepting skills around a sport we love, but don’t see come through the studio often. Stay tuned to see what else the season has in store for us and Active Austin.

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