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Our Favorite Things: Productivity Apps

By | Agency Quotables, Creative Strategy, Inside The Studio, Our Favorite Things

Among our group of thinkers and doers who live the phrase “work smarter, not harder”, productivity apps have become somewhat of a competition in the office. From the latest work-hacking Chrome add-on to communication streamlining applications, here are a few of our latest and greatest productivity apps (click any of the images to get the app for yourself!): 

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Aggressive Productivity: 6 Ways We Get Sh*t Done

By | Creative Strategy, Inside The Studio

We extolled the virtues of small earlier, but one of the consequences of our decision is that there is less body to absorb the blows when changes hit our studio. No matter how meticulous our planning, it’s inevitable that things will shift and we’ll have to retool on the fly to adapt to the new parameters we’re working within. While it would be nice at times to have extra resources at our disposal to ease the pressure of compressed timelines, new deliverables or shifts in direction, we have learned to live without and even thrive.

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