Creating the Blended Learning Universe
The Clayton Christensen Institute works with the world’s foremost authorities on blended learning, an educational initiative the blends digital tools with traditional education. As part of their effort to consolidate learning materials and programs from around the globe, they came to Creative Tonic for help in creating a central repository and identity for their blended learning universe.

The Challenge
Create a separate, but affiliated, entity to support The Christensen Institute’s blended learning work. As the center of the blended learning universe and comprehensive platform for the significant, and growing, body of initiative resources and information, it needed to draw a strong connection with the Christensen Institute while also delivering a unified vision for the larger mission.

Our Approach
Working with the Christensen Institute, we focused on creating a cohesive identity for their new initiative that brought to life the concept of blended learning through a mix of classic watercolors and clean, modern design. The resulting brand and site reflect the tech-savvy approach of the program while also maintaining an approachable, exploratory feel for the tradition-laden education field.

The brand leverages the Christensen Institute color palette to draw a strong connection with its parent brand, using subtle color variations to distinguish between different segments of the program and sections of the BLU site. Paired with the modern design elements and playful spirit of the watercolor imagery, the BLU brand is unique, and instantly recognizable, in the research and education space.