The Standard For Bot Syndication
For bot developers, reaching users on multiple messaging applications used to mean a unique build for each platform. Enter and their proprietary Messaging Markup Language (MML) that enables them to translate bots across platforms, helping developers quickly reach new users while maintaining a single build. Facing strong demand and an accelerated launch plan, they turned to Creative Tonic to build an industry-defining brand on the fly.

The Challenge
Use an iterative approach to help the team quickly develop their brand and marketing materials for an accelerated launch, while also laying a strong foundation for the future. Built fast, but built to last, the brand needed to quickly demonstrate that the platform was trustworthy, both to skeptical bot developers and the Microsoft’s and Slack’s who rule the messaging universe.

Our Approach
Turn it up to eleven and dive headlong into the world of bots to find a new approach to artificial intelligence. Eschewing the standard robot treatment, the brand takes a decidedly more grown up position in market – more innovative than the platforms, more business than the bots – to firmly establish as the connecting point between the two. Technical and sophisticated, with a tongue-in-cheek tone, the continually evolving brand is quickly building a reputation and presence as a leader in the bot community.