Making Healthy Eating Effortless
With a boom in ready-to-prepare meal kits and fully prepped meal service popping up corner to corner, Snap Kitchen recognized they needed to serve up something different – an easy way to choose healthy eating that’s truly delicious. Snap ordered from us this time, looking for help in positioning the brand, it’s mission and promise so more people could feel invited in to a simpler way to a healthier lifestyle.

Our Approach
Our competitive review revealed a sea of sameness with a great number of brands, quick-serve restaurants as well as grocery chains all trying to take advantage of a target that find themselves busier than ever and looking for quick fixes for their meal solutions. While there are now many offering convenience or healthier options, we recognized Snap Kitchen could be the brand that goes beyond just food.

By positioning Snap Kitchen as the knowledgeable friend who inspires you and demystifies intimidating nutritional diets, we invited new customers into a consultative service and responsive experiences. With Snap Kitchen, paleo, keto, Whole30 or vegan foods are not fad diets, but carefully curated, craveworthy finds and ever-evolving menus that encourage exploring new flavors, making simple changes, and locking in healthy habits for life – The Snap Life.

The Campaign
We introduced the evolved brand at just the right time. The new year starts with renewed hope for healthy living. So we launched with a winter campaign in-store, out of home, direct to consumer, in app, and training for our Snap advisors. Featuring a new menu, we showcased healthy and delicious meal solutions demonstrating just how easy better eating can be. Inspiring, empowering, flexible, prepared to your tastes and on your terms. All in a snap. With the Snap Life you can start the year off right. Just Snap.