Explore Effortless Style
A departure from the typical fashion retail experience, Cove is a travel-inspired retreat, evoking a unique lifestyle from a selection of brands, textures and rich colors that inspire elegance and effortlessly escape the ordinary. Cove came to Creative Tonic for help in creating a brand and destination that captured the spirit of this lifestyle and their hand-picked selections from their journeys around the globe.

The Challenge
Create an inspiring brand and retail experience that transports shoppers far from Cove’s location on Austin’s South Congress Ave, bringing them on a global journey through high-end fashion. From the brand identity and execution to the interiors and overall style of the store, every element needed to mirror the travel-inspired lifestyle and brands they carry.

The Approach
Starting with a custom mark and type treatment that is elegant and timeless, we created a high-end and aspirational look and feel for the Cove brand. From identity to website to in-store experience, each touchpoint highlighted the brand’s primary focus in leisure and travel wear, using natural textures and travel imagery to reinforce the spirit of escape and retreat.

For the retail experience, we provided interior concepts and material recommendations to help bring the sophisticated, travel-inspired feel of the brand to life in physical space. Paired with the brand identity and materials, it makes Cove a unique destination that feels worlds away from its Austin location.

Taking inspiration from their fashion lines and travel destinations, we pulled rich, organic textures and imagery to add depth and create a vision for the lifestyle the brand represents.