Turning Over a New Leaf
Even in the hustle and bustle of Manhattan, the demands for fresh and local food is being sought. While roasted chestnuts, street dogs and gyros may smell delicious walking corner to corner, the millennials of the city are looking for better-for-you choices. Forkright came looking for a fresh delivery for their new restaurant concept.

The Challenge
Taking a good look around, the promise of fresh, regionally sourced ingredients is being served up a number of ways from quick-serve, to juice bars, to vegan and fast casual restaurants. What happens in these environments happens naturally – looking natural, filled with organic textures, hand-drawn illustrations and crafted materials.

Our Approach
We chose a path to market by reinventing what the better-for-you and locally sourced food experience could be. By pitching traditions aside, our brand comes to life by more vivacious use of color, simplicity and contemporary illustration. Coming into Forkright, you’re presented with a celebration of the food, highlighting ingredients and allowing craft to show through its presentation. This brings “lifestyle” to how our food is shared. And with tasteful inclusion of the human element in imagery, the millennial guest is invited to see themselves at the table.