Confidence Starts with Good Hygiene
How do you know if your son stinks? Trick question. All boys do. Inspired by this universal truth, and a lack of relief currently available in market, Prep U was launched to provide parents with a suite of safe, age appropriate personal care products designed to tame the terror of boy stink. And, in the process of solving the challenge of body odor, help boys ease their way into adulthood rather than leap headfirst from their bubble bath to body spray.

The Challenge
Establish the need and use case for this new offering in market, defining the personal care category for boys through a unique visual and tonal approach to the industry. The brand needed to feel authentic in capturing the spirit of boys, the weirdness and exuberance of their personalities, while also appealing to the more rational – and mature – tastes and considerations of parents making the purchase decision.

Our Approach
Part youthful exuberance, part contemporary clean, the brand strikes the balance between being a product guys want to use and one parents want in their bathroom. From the name, and its cheeky abbreviation PU, to package design and launch campaign, the brand draws a clear distinction between the importance of play and the necessity of personal hygiene.

Central to introducing this new category in personal care is the Boyifesto, a kid-sized treatise on the conflicting emotions parents experience in trying to protect their kids while also fostering their independence. The Boyifesto and brand establish Prep U as the choice for parents and kids that is both age appropriate and empowering at this critical stage of development.