Smarter Industry For A Better World
FieldComm Group develops and supports best practice technologies and protocols for connecting process automation devices to the Industrial Internet of Things. With the mission to make industry more intelligent, they tasked Creative Tonic with building a brand and website that inspired confidence and trust in their ability to improve safety, increase efficiencies and deliver on the promise of a truly connected industry.

The Challenge
Newly formed from the merger of two existing trade organizations, FieldComm Group needed to quickly establish their authority over the standards and protocols for connecting plant, field and instrument level data to outside entities. In doing so, it was also crucial they demonstrated a vision for the future that leveraged the heavy investments plants have made in their existing technologies.

Our Approach
Visualize the transition in the process automation field from analog to digital, establishing the FieldComm Group as the bridge between the past and future of the industry. With the abstracted binary pattern at the base of the visual identity, we built out a simple, structured system for establishing the hierarchy between the new FieldComm Group and the legacy technologies it represented.

With three distinct technologies, 300+ members, over 1,500 registered products and tens of thousands of global installations that need to be represented, the FieldComm website is a carefully orchestrated ballet of prioritization, hierarchy and connectivity. Through an intensive content strategy and information architecture process, we identified key user journeys and site functionality that allowed for the breadth to be represented while also allowing users to reach deeper, content and technology specific pages with minimal search and clicks.