Digital Transformation Delivered
Quisitive helps companies make technology a core component of their overall business strategy by blending strategic insight with the technical vision to deliver transformational digital experiences. To support the launch of this new venture, the company needed help creating a brand that defined their mission to create a more holistic view of how technology impacts businesses.

The Challenge
Built around a seasoned team of technology strategists and specialists, the brand needed to find a balance between the experience and wisdom of the company’s leadership and the savvy, cutting edge technology solutions they are delivering for their clients. Sophisticated and intelligent, it needed to position Quisitive as a company that can see what lies ahead as well as how to get there.

Our Approach
Pair creative energy with technical expertise, the brand demonstrates the company’s ability to break down the barriers between IT and business decision makers. From identity to execution, it eliminates borders and distinctions, using open, seamless layouts to showcase their vision and expertise in solving the unique challenges of the modern enterprise.

The Quisitive mark is at the core of the brand language, serving as the basis for a strong graphic pattern and bold pops of color. Used as both background element and type styling component, it combines the fluidity of thought with the precision of execution to create a cohesive vision for digital transformation.