Making a Mark for Marketers
Sometimes even a marketing agency needs a fresh set of eyes to show the way to a new direction. In an insanely competitive environment of digital and data driven marketing, PMG had the smarts to look smarter. Of course, this is an industry that flexes its strengths in similar ways as image, message and marketing is what they all do. In the spirit of “anything can be made better,” Creative Tonic was happy to help.

The Challenge
Each of the brands in this space has expertise defining brands and bringing solutions to market that represent differences. When they present themselves, online in particular, they provide a sleek, simple vessel for showcasing their work – the real star of the show. No surprise that the competitors expose their best work and supports it with bold statements and bold colors with tonality that bolsters their unique personalities.

To stand out amongst a crowd that earns it’s living by stand out work, we knew we had to not just stand up but show a few dance moves to get the right eyes on the business.

The Approach
Looking at the agency world, we saw where the similarities lie so we could chart our course. While color and photography are great controls to create signatures for the brand, this environment is clustered between either ends of the color spectrum from black and white to a virtual rainbow. We made the choice that it’s what we say and how we say it, both in message, but also in presentation. It’s ok to be digital, but be human.

It’s easy to fall into traps of pithy one-liners, industry jargon and peppering photography of people here and there. We ensured each message had a more personable tone to speak to real people. And created signatures to our photography by combining color, pattern and graphics to be uniquely ours. What PMG delivers is made for humans because it’s made by humans.