Ready to Bring It
Not all kids are glued to their screens. Those who relish in competition and looking to improve their performance are the community that makes up The Fitness School. These young athletes are looking for an edge in physical ability and the careful training of knowledgeable coaches eager to set them up for a lifetime of success.

The Challenge
The Fitness School was started in earnest to make an impact on kids lives by not just practicing the sport of choice, but teaching the skills necessary to adapt to any activity by providing strength, speed, and agility training. With an honesty in their ambition, the brand began in an approachable, elementary fashion. While this matched the sincerity of the founders, it lacked the sophistication and superior training these top athletes receive.

Our Approach
A huge part of being a young athlete is the desire to be a part of something. The team and teammates are a huge part of the lifestyle. Though each athlete challenges themselves, we had to make The Fitness School transform its own body of work into a brand emblematic of the intensity of the physical training and excellence in education its members enjoy. Simply put, it had to up its game, the cool factor and be a program they want to wear on their chest.

There’s nothing wrong with being academic. What we needed was to take advantage of that mindset and give the students the pride to be a part and look like the specialized club of superior athletes who train there. We had to reinvent the brand to become the iconic symbol of the blood, sweat and tears that represent the devotion and connection these star athletes all have in common. They’re on their way to a future of individual success but united as alumni and will forever be a part of The Fitness School.