Creating a Higher Sense of Self
While everyone seems to be joining – or jumping – the party with new cannabis products, Sovereignty set out to be something of a higher order. With other players attacking the market with shallow or misleading promises based in CBD alone, the team at Sovereignty understand the power plant medicine has to truly improve one’s health.

The Challenge
Sovereignty came to use with a name, a few formulas for products, but little else. We were able to craft an original story for the brand, rooted in a genuine desire to help others and combined it with the legitimate knowledge, intelligence, and creativity of the team to merge Eastern medicine practices with contemporary formulations. We had to create the difference in the marketplace by scribing a powerful vision and mission aspiring to truly heal individuals through the whole.

Our Approach
Scanning the landscape we were able to see others were talking about singular ingredients and limited benefit. What Sovereignty knew and brought forth was that supplements are not meant to be singular (hello, Turmeric and Celery Juice), but instead, the right combination of effective, adaptogenic herbs. This gave us detail, and education, to share and allowed us to position the products in a way that took the mystery out and put the care in.

It also allowed us to build a visual story that made sense out of the name. To be sovereign allows our consumers to take charge of (to govern) their bodies once again bringing them into balance once again. Not only did we tap into the spirit of Eastern medicine and natural cues, but we punctuated it with symbolic imagery, including the logo itself. Our infinity crown signifies the ongoing cycle of life and synchrony required to maintain balance within each unique individual. We were holistic in treating the whole.

The Launch Campaign

Our brand building efforts built the story and the marketing tools to get the word out. Through a robust sampling program, reaching our specific audience, we were able to promote the difference Sovereignty could make. Outreach through email and social channels invited engagement and trial, getting our packaging in their hands and restorative benefits in their bodies.