Reinventing The Cloud For Business
Spanning by EMC takes the fear and risk out of an anytime, anywhere workforce by providing fast accurate backup for SaaS business applications. With a flood of competitors hitting the same patch of cyan-hued sky, Spanning by EMC came to Creative Tonic to push their brand to a higher level, firmly establishing Spanning as the premiere cloud backup solution and demonstrating their ability to help businesses to embrace the agility of the cloud with confidence.

The Challenge
Relaunch the Spanning by EMC brand for an enterprise audience while still maintaining accessibility to the SMB crowd. And, in the process of finding this balance of trustworthiness and approachability, differentiate Spanning by EMC from a sea of light blue and cloud icons as the undisputed visionary and leader of SaaS backup solutions.

Our Approach
Create a new vernacular for “the cloud”, focusing on the impact the new age of mobility and access has had on business. A system in constant motion, the visual language for the brand embodies the updated position for Spanning by EMC – Always There –  by demonstrating the company’s ability to fill in gaps in information. Paired with a minimal color palette, sophisticated type styling and simple, strong tone, the revised brand inspires confidence in the company’s ability to make the cloud and SaaS solutions an integral part of any business.

In addition to refreshing the website and overall brand language, we also worked with the team at Spanning by EMC to carry through the updated design and tone into a multitude of brand assets. From tradeshow to collateral, motion to t-shirts and product dashboard, every touchpoint in the Spanning universe was considered to ensure a consistent, quality experience.