Brand Focused, Founder First
VMG partners have a distinct approach to the world of private equity, eschewing the typical hard-nosed, numbers-driven attitude for an investment approach that focuses on the people and partnership between entrepreneur and investor. With an unparalleled track record of success and reputation for expertise well beyond the balance sheet, VMG Partners came to Creative Tonic to ensure their brand and website reflected their unique position and personality.

The Challenge
Revamp the VMG Partners website to better reflect their approach and differentiate from other private equity firms operating in the same space. In a world of competitive offer sheets, the website needed to quickly establish what makes VMG Partners both different and successful to help entrepreneurs understand why they should choose VMG to help them fulfill their vision.

Our Approach
We began by interviewing the VMG team and their entrepreneurs to get inside the investor pitch process and what makes the VMG approach so unique. From these conversations and a review of the competitive set, we built a content strategy, visual language and user experience for the site that brought their brands to the forefront and exemplified their founder-first approach.ture.

Where most private equity firms have a defined process for maximizing business growth, VMG Partners works with their partners to help them fulfill their vision rather than the purely financial desires of shareholders. To reflect this open approach, we added custom illustrations to the otherwise clean, modern design, bringing a light, human touch to the site that reflects the attention to detail and insights the company is known for.