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When developing work with our clients, there are often ideas and concepts we love that don’t make the final cut. Though they may not get their chance to shine on the main stage, we operate on a no-great-idea-left-behind policy and, luckily, the nice people at the Creativity Awards (see you next year) do as well.

One such case, now a Platinum Award winner for the Creativity Awards, is Pixel, a tough cut from the RAX Digital Inspired Infrastructure launch and campaign concepts. Though it wasn’t the right fit for that opportunity, it turns out we weren’t the only ones who saw promise in it.

The Mighty [And Now Award Winning] Pixel

The pixel concept for Backspace Digital visualizes the relationship between the building blocks of digital experiences and the back-end infrastructure and services that deliver them to the world. In drawing this relationship between the Rackspace Digital services and the end result its core audience – digital agencies – are trying to deliver, it positioned Rackspace’s infrastructure, critical application services and support as the best platform for all digital properties.

One of the elements we liked about this concept was its inherent sense of motion, and the designs below are a selection of storyboards we created for a potential video to support this concept.





While this concept wasn’t ultimately the direction selected for the campaign, there are elements from Pixel that found a place in the final video we created for the campaign. With a small cameo in the final product and an award on its resume, it’s possible Pixel may have found more success as an idea than in execution.




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