Brand Discovery: Setting The Stage For Efficiency in Creativity

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Identifying the opportunities for differentiation is essential in creating a brand that is distinct and stands out from the competition. Where are the holes in the market? What are the areas of opportunity for positioning the company visually and tonally? Understanding these questions ensures we’re helping our clients reflect their perspective and approach in a way that is actually unique or demonstrably different. Working with a client on a new brand or brand refresh, this process of learning about the company, the marketplace and competitive set is crucial to the success of the project and for the long-term prospects of…

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New Work: Rackspace + Microsoft Azure Infographic

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To help launch their new partnership with Microsoft Azure, Rackspace asked us to create an infographic and landing page to highlight the benefits of their new managed-service option for the Azure platform and support their promotional campaign for an informational webcast. Starting with the infographic, we developed a concept that highlighted the pain points at each level of the IT decision-making chain – from the dba’s to the CTO – to demonstrate the breadth of the Rackspace+Microsoft partnership in delivering solutions to enterprise-level data challenges. Using a narrative structure to create vignettes for our four audience segments, the infographic and subsequent landing page demonstrate that Rackspace and Microsoft understand the…

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Create Or Die Recap

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For those who haven’t been following along, we spun our collective enthusiasm for Halloween into a month long creative exploration of our favorite fall holiday. With another trick-or-treat session in the rearview, we’ve pulled together the results of our create-or-die create-a-thon as one last ode to All Hallows Eve. From a new twist on the classics to a 52-card study of the things that go bump in the night, each entry in the series brought a new perspective and distinctive style to the project.

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Reimagining Repellent: Shoo & No Bites

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From color palettes to insect iconography and outdoor imagery, the bug spray category follows a well defined path. With such opportunity to break new ground, we were excited when asked to reimagine how the category could look and feel. Tasked with breaking outside the predefined notions, we created a variety of brand and packaging concepts that bring a sense of humor and light touch to the category. Clean, bright and modern, the concepts shown below demonstrate two approaches on how to create a new aesthetic for insect repellant and deliver a distinct, memorable brand on shelf and at home.

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Create Or Die, Pt III: Tricks & Treats

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We are back in the saddle [again] this morning with the latest installation in the Creative Tonic “Create Or Die” Halloween extravaganza. Today’s illustration is a wallpaper-grade exploration of everyone’s favorite Halloween Night activity, trick or treating. If you’re looking for an extra splash of Halloween inspired fun, you can grab the full 2560×1440 Wallpaper version to spruce – or spook – up your background.

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Create Or Die, Volume 2: Drac + Frankie

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Did we mention we love Halloween? Like, love, love it? In celebration of our favorite fall holiday [stuff it Thanksgiving], we’re devoting the entire month to creative explorations of our favorite characters and memories of All Hallow’s Eve. Today’s addition to the month long “Create Or Die” extravaganza is a softer spin on two giants – figuratively speaking – of the horror genre. Drac and Frankie, as they are affectionately called in the office, pair a whimsical, hand-drawn style with a muted palette to break out of the traditional fight-or-flight Halloween aesthetic.

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What is Concepting

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We often use the term concepting when talking to clients and potential clients, but what does it really mean? What is a concept and what value does it have? Why do agencies always want to do a round of concpeting before starting work? At a high-level concepting work is simply exploration and idea generation. The value in concepts are twofold: (1) in the quantity and (2) making the decision upfront. If you can review more than one option, then you will make a better decision if for no other reason than the fact that you have to make a decision…

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