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Cutting Room Floor – Digital Globe

By September 3, 2015 No Comments

We were fortunate to work with satellite imagery pioneer Digital Globe recently on concepts for its upcoming lead generation campaign. In an industry focused on using samples of its satellite imagery as the primary brand and marketing visual, Creative Tonic and Digital Globe wanted to find a new approach to help them standout from the crowd and differentiate their services. The concepts shared below ultimately didn’t make the cut, but we liked them enough to share.

In this first concept, we wanted to highlight focus and relevance as the benefits Digital Globe provides to end users. Using simple geometric cuts of both eye-level landscape images and satellite images, we created an elegant, refined visual that focuses viewers on what really matters – just as Digital Globe helps its customers focus what matters most to them so they can make better informed decisions. It’s a big world, but Digital Globe helps its customers know where to look and what to look for to position their projects, businesses or initiatives for success.



This concept brings forward the additional layers of information Digital Globe gives customers access to, highlighting how maps have evolved to provide insights into not only location, but also time and context. The visuals stitch together satellite imagery with in-the-moment, point-of-view images to show how Digital Globe can help its customers better understand their challenges – whether it’s planning immediate response assistance in the wake of a disaster or helping governments plan for population migration in the coming decades.

This last concept focuses on the individual decision-maker who is using Digital Globe to help him or her make the best possible decisions. For some, the decisions they are making can have life or death ramifications, and the goal of this concept is to inspire confidence by showcasing the results good decisions have on the world. From supporting the monitoring of whale migrations to easing congestion issues, the visual direction makes our decision-maker the hero of the story, using satellite imagery and graphic details to bring their achievements to life.



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