Growing Up Is
A Dirty Job.

Filling the gap between toddler and teenager with a new
line of personal care products designed specifically for boys.


Food That Inspires

Turning up the heat on the Chi’Lantro brand and site
experience to make their story, and delicious food,
more accessible to visitors.


Outside The Lines.

Turning the always-on, boundary-pushing mentality of the
entrepreneur into a dynamic, stream-of-consciousness brand.


Mobile Made Personal.

Capturing the intersection of technology and experience to
secure Phunware’s place as the leader in the mobile space.


Attracting The Next
Breakthrough Brand

Revamping the VMG Partners website to reflect their unparalleled track
record of success and reputation for expertise beyond the balance sheet.


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January 4, 2018

Design, Detente & Why There Needs To Be A Shift In Thinking To Thinking Across Disciplines

September 7, 2017 in Creative Strategy, Marketing

Perception is Everything

At Creative Tonic we believe that great creative is great business and that a strong brand yields strong results. We’re a branding firm, so of course, we believe that - we wouldn’t be doing the work if we didn’t believe in it. But it’s important to understand that our clients…
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May 9, 2017 in Concept, Creative Strategy, Inside The Studio

Cutting Room Floor: Identities Lost

In this edition of our Cutting Room Floor series, we’re taking a look at brand identities that never made it beyond the studio walls (or screenshare if you’re into technicalities). In each case, we worked closely with the client to build the strategic foundation for our explorations starting with a…
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April 18, 2017 in Creative Strategy, Inside The Studio

Why The Coffee Is Never Right – And That’s Okay

We had an incident the other morning that almost derailed an entire day’s worth of productivity in the studio. The coffee was bad. Not, gross but I can-power-through-it-bad. Spoon dissolving as you stir bad. This wasn’t the first time this has happened. In fact, it’s a fairly regular occurrence. (more…)
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