Growing Up Is
A Dirty Job.

Filling the gap between toddler and teenager with a new
line of personal care products designed specifically for boys.


Beauty With
A Conscience.

Establishing a brand and vision for fair, sustainable
and conscientious consumer products.


The Cooler.

Transforming a unique approach
to craft brewing into a stand-out
brand and lifestyle milestone.


Made Effortless.

Delivering a simple, seamless luxury experience
for discerning travelers.


Attracting The Next
Breakthrough Brand.

Revamping the VMG Partners website to reflect their unparalleled track
record of success and reputation for expertise beyond the balance sheet.


Creative Tonic is an award-winning brand consultancy. Evolution or revolution, rich legacy or blank slate, we help our clients explore and discover the full potential of their brand.

Creative Strategy

The Death Of The Fixed Bid Project

We don’t want to say it. Clients don’t want to hear it. And yet, it stands – elephant-esque – as the last, and only, line of defense in the fixed-bid, agency-client ecosystem. Over the last couple of years, we’ve begun evolving our approach with clients to avoid this tipping point…
Creative Strategy

Insights Versus Data: Research In The Brand Development Process

We’re often asked about the process of getting audience feedback during brand development. Typically companies want to know if the audience likes the brand or not, if the logo is appealing or if the brand colors are favorable to the target audience. These questions take both the brand and audience…
Creative Strategy

Design, Detente & Why There Needs To Be A Shift In Thinking To Thinking Across Disciplines

As specialization becomes the new standard for the creative industries, there has been a shift in the common meaning of the term design. Where once it stood as a trade, it now stands as a toolkit, defined by the descriptors we attach (graphic, experience, industrial, etcetera), rather than the process…
Creative Strategy

Perception is Everything

At Creative Tonic we believe that great creative is great business and that a strong brand yields strong results. We’re a branding firm, so of course, we believe that - we wouldn’t be doing the work if we didn’t believe in it. But it’s important to understand that our clients…

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