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Perception is Everything

By September 7, 2017 No Comments

At Creative Tonic we believe that great creative is great business and that a strong brand yields strong results. We’re a branding firm, so of course, we believe that – we wouldn’t be doing the work if we didn’t believe in it. But it’s important to understand that our clients believe it too. And their businesses reflect it as well.

ROI on branding and creative work is hard to calculate. It can be written off as “oh that spike happened after we hired more on the sales side” or “well, the new website platform is just more efficient” or “the SEO strategy is on target now”. And all of those things are true. Branding doesn’t exist in a vacuum and individual tactics are easier to track.

But as the saying goes, perception is everything. When you are perceived as a bigger, more modern company, it paints people’s every action whether conscious or not. Take a look at a few of the before and afters from our clients and see how the shift in perception created by the new brand helped drive meaningful change for the business.

Before & After

Freight Motion
For Freight Motion, we updated and refined the brand logo mark, created a new, sophisticated visual language for the brand and a redesigned website to match the look and feel. Overall response to the new brand has been positive and website performance has improved dramatically since its launch.


Guidepoint has seen significant success since the rebrand with new offices opening worldwide.

“The [brand] update is paying massive dividends on many fronts-especially with recruiting. We’ve been pointing perspective experts to the site on a daily basis and its truly been a huge help in getting many over “the finish line”.”

BRAD STUART, MANAGING DIRECTOR, GUIDEPOINT needed a strong brand and website for a product announcement in November 2016. Since the launch of the new brand and site, has more than doubled its employees and enjoyed strong growth quarter over quarter.


With the name change from Data Design to Ryft the new brand needed to be bold and grab attention for a new player in a crowded market.

“Creative Tonic maximized every aspect of our brand and the results command attention. From cleverly crafted brand assets – including a tradeshow booth that drew record traffic – CT helped us stand out in the busy and cluttered big data market.”