Among our group of thinkers and doers who live the phrase “work smarter, not harder”, productivity apps have become somewhat of a competition in the office. From the latest work-hacking Chrome add-on to communication streamlining applications, here are a few of our latest and greatest productivity apps (click any of the images to get the app for yourself!): 

Sidekick by Hubspot 
This app (and Chrome extension) allows the user to schedule emails, receive notifications when an email is read, and templatize responses for efficiency. This is a life-saver for the account team in keeping track of follow ups and timely responses.

Pocket isn’t new, but it is the self-proclaimed best way to save articles, videos and more. When business calls – not that kind – and we don’t have time to finish that awesome agency listicle we started, Pocket keeps it safe and sound for after hours, and offline, reading.


Replacing the standard new tab page with a personal dashboard, this Chrome extension allows you to set an intention for the day, add a to-do list and see the local weather. This allows us to re-focus our day upon each new tab open. Success.


Multiple times during the day we share our screens with clients (and each other). This Chrome extension allows you to hide all of your current, work-safe (and NSFW) tabs quickly and opens a tab of your choice with the click of any key (or combination of keys) you choose. When you’re ready, open them all back up with the same keystroke. Tech to the rescue.

Responsive Web Design Tester

For a creative group that must think across all devices and use cases in design, the Responsive Web Design Tester extension for Chrome allows us to quickly and accurately view a design or web in context. This is a life-saver for making quick decisions that impact structure.


Music is an essential constant in the office. Looking for a playlist that is #calm, #alternative and #jazz all at the same time? is the answer. Playlists curated by tags and listeners all over the world. And the best part: it’s free.