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What’s the First Step: Tactic Map

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When creating a marketing strategy, the hardest thing to decide is where to start. To help facilitate this decision for our clients, we often create a tactic map diagram to break down the opportunities and opportunity costs associated with different tactics. Each diagram we create is unique to the client, their target audiences and marketing objectives, but the example below provides some insight into our approach and thought process for helping our clients get into market effectively.

With each version of the tactic map, our goal is to identify and score different tactics based on three criteria:

  1. Level of Effort
  2. Audience Impact
  3. Marketing Objectives.

When bringing clients through the map, it often helps to identify the “low-hanging fruit” or quick wins. Tactics that are high impact and low effort are often a great place to start because they allow you to test messaging, positioning and visual concepts prior to rolling out a full scale, high effort campaign or initiative. These quick wins can also reveal new insights into the primary objective or audience, providing an opportunity to refine concepts based on real-world feedback before investing more time and effort on some of the big win, big effort tactics.



Ultimately, the tactic map is great tool for framing a discussion about potential strategic approaches for a marketing campaign or initiative. However, it’s just a small sampling of what goes into creating an effective, efficient marketing strategy. To get the in-depth version, drop us a note on our info line. We’re always happy to talk shop, in the form of tactic maps or otherwise.

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